Your One Wild and Precious Life

Once you've got a few decades on the clock, life can reach many cross-roads. Once you're no longer thinking of yourself as 'young', you may be looking back, thinking 'How did I get here?' And also looking ahead, wondering: 'What do I do now?'

This realization that neither time nor choices are limitless is both daunting and exciting. This is the moment to take stock and figure out how to make the best of every precious moment of the rest of your life. And to develop the tools to be able to do so again and again.  Read more...





At a time of deep crisis the notion of flourishing seems unimaginable. However, Dr. Maureen Gaffney believes passionately that not only is it possible for us to flourish, but in an increasingly uncertain world, it is essential that we plan to do so. Read more...



Covid-19 has scored a direct hit on our most basic psychological drives

‘Covid-19 has scored a direct hit on our most basic psychological drives’ May 23, 2020 We have never known personal, cultural or societal upheaval like this, so we must stop looking for the 'New Normal' and learn to live in the "Now Normal'.  Stormy weather Just can’t get my poor self together I’m weary all the time, So weary all the time… Stormy weather just can’t seem to get myself together I’ll be here all the time Sing it again, Lena Horne[]. At this stage, two months in to lockdown...

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