About Maureen

Every organisation is now under intense pressure to change and innovate, to respond to demands at an ever-quicker pace, and to retain top talent.   To do that effectively, and maintain high levels of wellbeing, requires deep reserves of resilience. As a consequence, resilience has become the master emotional competency. Dr. Maureen Gaffney brings the latest research and thinking on emotional intelligence, resilience, and transformational leadership to her work with companies. A well know psychologist, writer, and broadcaster, she has worked with a wide range or organisations, including the Intel organisation, in both Ireland and in the US, Boston Scientific, Amazon, Google, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, as well as major professional service companies, and the educational sector in Australia.


She is a much sought-after speaker and has addressed businesses in Ireland, the UK, the US, Sweden, Germany and Spain. She has worked in many other sectors of Irish life – as Director of the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology in Trinity College Dublin, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Society in University College Dublin, Chair of the National Economic and Social Forum, Chair of the Programme for Revitalising Areas by Planning, Investment and Development Programme and Chair of the Board of the Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland. She served on the board of the Health Service Executive, on the Council of the Economic and Social Research Institute and was appointed for two terms as a Law Reform Commissioner.


She earned a B.A. in Psychology from UCC, an M.A. in Behavioural Sciences from the University of Chicago, and a PhD at Trinity College Dublin. She has completed Executive Education Programmes on leadership and governance in the Harvard Kennedy School, the University of Chicago Business School, and the Kellogg School of Management. She is a member of the Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board and served on its Executive Committee.


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