Inside the heads of a generation living without constraints

  Violence and suicide among young males are linked to their sudden acquisition of money and freedom*.* Sometime in the second half of the 1990s, I had occasion to drive through Dublin city centre at about 4 a.m. It was the first time I had encountered at first hand what was then being described as a new phenomenon in Ireland - hordes... Read More

Posted: 28 February 2004


Cold prophet of a new age. Book Review. Jung: A Biography. By Deirdre Bair

Many people, if pushed, could come up with a few Freudian concepts, but they would be stumped if asked to describe what C.G. Jung contributed to our common understanding and language*.* Yet it was Jung who invented terms such as "introvert", "extrovert", "the collective unconscious", "anima" and "animus", "archetypes", "personality typologies", and "individuation". Moreover, the modern "new age" movement owes much... Read More

Posted: 31 January 2004


More to Ireland's youth than just a pack of thrill seekers

Parents and policy makers should not be frightened by the findings of The Irish Times/TNS mrbi youth poll. Young people can sometimes seem like a species apart. They seem to be happiest when furthest away from adults, hanging out with friends in open spaces, in bars, in clubs, or secluded in their bedrooms. They are, in the words of one researcher, like... Read More

Posted: 22 September 2003


What you want, baby I got. Book review. Respect: The Formation of Character in an Age of Inequality by Richard Sennett

n Respect: The Formation of Character in an Age of Inequality,  Richard Sennett explores the relation between respect and inequality. It is, he says "an experiment. It's neither a book of practical policies for the welfare state nor a full-blown autobiography". In 1946, when he was three years old, Richard Sennett moved with his mother into Cabrini Green - the notorious housing... Read More

Posted: 08 March 2003


Giant failure of leadership leaves nation aghast

A leader's job is to take the heat, hold steady, judge just how far you can push people. We waited in vain for Keane or McCarthy to show this kind of strength. We are exhausted. For the past week we have been in the grip of an emotional emergency - what Daniel Goleman calls an emotional hijack . The hallmarks are all... Read More

Posted: 29 May 2002


Optimism is the key to a prosperous new year

In his great treatise on the wealth and poverty of nations throughout history, David Landes, Emeritus Professor of Economic History in Harvard, highlighted two key determinants of economic success. One was the attitude a society takes towards science and technology. The other was the importance of a society's attitudes, beliefs and behaviours for economic performance. He singled out one in... Read More

Posted: 29 December 2001