Organisations of all kinds, many with fewer staff, face growing cost and competitive pressures to become more productive and innovative in their products and services, and in how they do the work. In this era of rapid and often unsettling change, how can organisations best best face these challenges? How can they manage constant and often unsettling change, yet stay resilient? How can they recruit and retain the best people?  How can they build a culture that enables innovation to flourish? 

A large part of the answer lies in a developing a deep emotional intelligence. This includes understanding how the brain works; how we manage ourselves - how we experience emotion; how we think and behave; how we manage relationships - and how all these elements play out at work, as well as in our personal lives.

Drawing on her extensive experience of working with organisations in Ireland and other countries, Dr. Gaffney provides seminars, workshops, coaching and a range of consultative services that can help organisations face these challenges.


Keynote speaking

Dr. Gaffney is a much sought-after speaker and has addressed organisations in many countries including Ireland, the UK, the US, Sweden, Germany and Spain.  She has delivered key-note presentations to an extensive range of businesses, including technology, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, sales, recruitment and talent-management, accountancy, legal, tourism, and private health care sectors, as well as many organisations in the public and non-profit sectors.  What...

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Dr. Gaffney offers a range of linked services including seminars, workshops, and executive coaching focused around three themes. Developing emotionally intelligent leadership at every level in an organisation: These programmes are designed to develop the key competencies, core practices and behaviours which distinguish outstanding from average performers and which are fundamental to delivering productivity, innovation, employee engagement, resilience, and wellbeing. Managing change:  The focus of this programme...

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Chairing and moderating

Dr Gaffney a highly experienced chairperson and moderator in both the public and private sector including Executive Chair of the National Economic and Social Forum, Chair of the National Monitoring Committee of the Programme for Revitalising Areas by Planning, Investment and Development and Chair of the Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland Council for three years. She was a Board member of the HSE and has extensive...

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  • "To say that Maureen was well received in Intel would be an understatement. Her Leadership Development Programme consistently scored very highly in both formal and unsolicited feedback, and there was a regular waiting list. Maureen has presence, style, gravitas and absolute command of her area of expertise.

    I would unreservedly recommend her to any organisation that is serious about developing their leaders, trying to balance ‘what’ people do with ‘how’ they do it or are just interested in having a more all-round successful enterprise.

    Sean Fitzpatrick, Former Head of HR Intel Ireland, Head of HR Bord Gais Energy, current Group HR John Sisk & Son Ltd.

  • "It was great to have you speak at our June 2015 meeting. I had many very positive comments about the meeting overall and several mentioning your outstanding presentation; in particular, the charming and persuasive way you deliver your message. At least three members asked for your email address. That was the third time I have heard you speak and each time is a great experience."

    David Lansdowne, Executive Director, Automotive Fellowship International

  • "Fantastic session with Maureen Gaffney and our extended Management Team. Maureen captivated our audience with the right mix of data driven research and practical tools and tips to help us understand the important role people managers play in driving employee engagement across the organisation."

    Elaine Boyd, Director Human Resources, Boston Scientific, Galway.

  • "Dr Maureen Gaffney was a guest speaker at an international offsite event for 250 Actavo managers in June 2016. Her presentation, which covered topics such as performance, innovation and resilience, was a real highlight of the day. A superb speaker, she commands the attention of her audience with a blend of compelling stories, research-based approaches and digestible tips."

    Sean Corkery, CEO Actavo

  • "The seminar with Maureen went really well. Everyone in the room thoroughly enjoyed it and I believe took something from her presentation. It was extremely interesting and very engaging too."

    Colin Donnelly, Accenture

  • "Maureen Gaffney was the keynote speaker at Ibec's recent annual OHS Conference where she shared some insightful, practical and relevant insights into the importance and value of being positive while giving participants tools to build and maintain the positive in themselves and others. Her ideas were both engaging as well as being practical. A session well worth attending. "

    IBEC - Irish Business and Employers’ Council,

  • "Thank you so much for an amazing presentation. As always the feedback was hugely positive. You are inspirational. "

    Margaret Jeffares, Managing Director, Good Food Ireland

  • "Absolutely fabulous! An inspirational presentation on the importance of positivity in the workplace."

    Caitriona McGonagle, William Fry

  • "Maureen, your ears must have been burning this morning as I had some really positive feedback from audience members and colleagues on how much they enjoyed your presentation. You got us all thinking about our psychological hardwiring."

    Sophie Byrne, Talks & Public Programmes Curator, Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)

  • "Your event was absolutely wonderful. The feedback was that people would have loved more time with you and we are taking this on board next year when we commence programming."

    Marie Logue , Listowel Writer’s Week

  • "We’re delighted to advise that the Conference was a great success and Maureen was the star of the show ! Her presentation provided the exact context / springboard we had hoped for in order to open the audience’s mind and thinking on how to be the best at what we do."


  • "We asked Maureen to come and talk to our Senior team and the feedback was really positive and powerful. Every single person got something out of the talk. For some people, it was a great reminder of key things previously learnt and perhaps forgotten. For others, it was an introduction to really new thinking. We are committed to putting her messages into practice now. Thank you Maureen - we really enjoyed it too!"

    Therese Ward, Mothercare Ireland

  • "I engaged Maureen on behalf of the Smurfit Business School to present on 'The art and science of being at your best' to an audience from WXN. She has an incredible depth of knowledge which she shares in a 'storytelling' way. She truly engaged the audience and provided a thought-provoking session."

    Eadine Hickey, Resonate Leadership, Smurfit Business School University College Dublin

  • "Maureen's session was really well received and feedback from the entire group was extremely positive so just wanted to pass my thanks on to her."

    Siobhan Winters, Dublin Airport Authority

Maureen has worked with a wide range of organisations worldwide including...

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