Dr. Gaffney offers a range of linked services including seminars, workshops, and executive coaching focused around three themes.

Developing emotionally intelligent leadership at every level in an organisation: These programmes are designed to develop the key competencies, core practices and behaviours which distinguish outstanding from average performers and which are fundamental to delivering productivity, innovation, employee engagement, resilience, and wellbeing.

Managing change:  The focus of this programme is ‘leading from the middle’, the unexpected power of learning networks to effect organisational change, and how such changes in attitudes and behaviours can become viral throughout an organisation.

Organisational Culture diagnostics: The culture of an organisation exerts major influence on performance, innovation, and employee engagement and wellbeing. This programme is designed to identify the elements of an organisation’s culture that are enabling or impeding the organisation’s goals,  and to identify the changes  and interventions that will help the organisation to better align to its vision and goals.



  • "I would unreservedly recommend Maureen to any organisation that is serious about developing their leaders, trying to balance ‘what’ people do with ‘how’ they do it and or are just interested in having a more all-round successful enterprise."

    Sean Fitzpatrick, Head of HR, Bord Gáis Energy