Keynote speaking

Dr. Gaffney is a much sought-after speaker and has addressed organisations in many countries including Ireland, the UK, the US, Sweden, Germany and Spain.  She has delivered key-note presentations to an extensive range of businesses, including technology, financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, sales, recruitment and talent-management, accountancy, legal, tourism, and private health care sectors, as well as many organisations in the public and non-profit sectors.  What unites these very diverse organisations is a triple need. They have to keep changing and innovating. They have stay resilient in the face of that change.  They also have to maintain high levels of employee motivation, engagement, and wellbeing.  The problem for most busy organisations is that they don’t have the opportunity to catch up with the growing body of psychological research and neuroscience that sheds new and often unexpected light on how to deal with such issues. Dr. Gaffney provides that opportunity, weaving her unique and persuasive blend of science-based ideas, deep insight, and practical guidelines into presentations that intrigue, challenge, and inspire her audiences.